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NFL fans get over losses by chewing the fat

Dodgy start: His best receivers are injured, in jail, or inexperienced and, as Gisele Bundchen once reminded us, her husband can't throw the ball and catch it too. At any rate, Tom Brady is 27th in passer rating this young season.

Local attractions: Both FCS teams from Charleston, S.C., are in Norfolk today. Charleston Southern, which beat The Citadel 32-29 three weeks ago, plays at Norfolk State, while The Citadel visits ODU.

Quick hit: By scoring 76 points against Howard, ODU's football team has given the men's basketball team a high bar to clear.

Moving on: I thought Kirk Cousins was the better choice to start the season for the Redskins, but there's no turning back now for Mike Shanahan. Using Cousins in Week 1 would have given Robert Griffin III more time to recover from knee surgery. Inserting Cousins now, though, would be seen as a reflection on Griffin's performance, setting in motion backstage drama that could make RG-Me reconsider his long-term relationship with Shanahan.

Stat stuff: The Steelers have run the ball for a grand total of 75 yards in their two losses. Not like the Stillers at all. Or of old.

TV timeout: The ad for NFL apparel for women - judging from the spot, for very skinny women - is as obnoxious as the apparel itself. A case of the NFL trying too hard to move merchandise.

Gridlock: After its teams went 0-4 Sunday - followed by another Eagles loss Thursday night - the NFC East's motto is "misery loves company."

Bunched: If you're like me, you're wondering if anybody really wants to win the American League wildcard race.

No slippage: After his performance against Alabama, is there any reason Johnny Manziel shouldn't be the early leader in the Heisman Trophy derby? His status as what the media euphemistically call a "polarizing figure" isn't enough for now to lose him my vote.

Next? It's no wonder Florida State redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston is attracting Heisman buzz after two games in which he's completed 89 percent of his attempts and thrown more TD passes (6) than incompletions (5).

Nice try: A rally held this week in Jacksonville, Fla., calling for the Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow was attended by about 20 people, if you count the photographers who asked the Tebow diehards to gather for an intimate group shot.

Flashback: This month marks the 20th anniversary of the night in the San Antonio Alamodome when the ringside judges stole Sweetpea Whitaker's rightful victory over undefeated Julio Cesar Chavez with something called a "majority draw." Might have been the most electrifying event I ever covered. With 50,000 people screaming for Chavez, Whitaker turned in the performance of a lifetime.

Phonies: NFL Thursday night games put the lie to the propaganda that Roger Goodell and owners care about the health and safety of players. Goodell's two-faced approach fools nobody when he endorses the practice of putting players back on the field with so little recovery time. Not to mention, this kind of scheduling increases the likelihood of badly played games.

Rock the hat: For reasons that escape most people, Virginia Tech is said to be in the preliminary stages of designing a "Hokie Stone" helmet, made to resemble a helmet-shaped wall of limestone. Think Frank Beamer is serious about this weird look? Or is he just trying to take fans' minds off the Hokies' offense?

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